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March 30, 2015

Winchester’s XPR Bolt Action Rifle Part 2

"It is interesting to look back over a lifetime of being a firearm enthusiast; rifles, handguns, handloading, hunting, target shooting, friends, and business associates. So much has changed, remarkably so, I suppose just like everything else in this world. I was waiting for the synthetic stock trend to run its course, right up until I realized wood stocked firearms are the trend running its course. Growing smaller each year as the number of people who appreciate them do the same, it is a trend I should have anticipated…" New on Real Guns®, "Winchester's XPR Bolt Action Rifle Part 2The 300 Winchester Magnum"

March 26, 2015

Winchester’s XPR Bolt Action Rifle Part 1

"Folks who spend time around Browning and Winchester products in recent times will probably noticed a couple of things regarding the Winchester XPR bolt action rifle. The first is that it is stamped as manufactured in Browning's Viana, Portugal facility rather than as "Assembled in Portugal". The second is that the XPR bares a striking similarity to the Browning AB3 sans the scalloped receiver and tang safety… All good, just information.." New on Real Guns®, "Winchester's XPR Bolt Action Rifle Part 1A sign of the future?"

March 23, 2015

Handloading… A Sorted Story Part I

"The cartridge case is the center of a handloader's universe. It holds ignition, propellant and projectile components together in abeyance of a trigger pull. Under pressure, it functions as a gasket more than a pressure vessel, sealing a firearm's chamber and, hopefully, offering a bullet no recourse other than to exit a barrel at the muzzle end…" New on Real Guns®, "Handloading… A Sorted Story Part IThe Hypothesis… and other aquatic mammals"

March 19, 2015

Sabot munitions pour le 30-06 Springfield

"The .30 caliber sabot design has little in common with highly successful muzzle loader sabot product, which means my anecdotal prediction of .30 caliber sabot accuracy was without substantial merit. Muzzle loader sabots have a skirt very similar to  a shotgun shell gas seal; short, pliable and approximately 0.165" deep that provides the primary bore seal. The three fingers that surround the shank of the projectile are thin and very flexible and only 0.022" thick. Their principal job is to maintain projectile alignment in the bore…" New on Real Guns® "Sabot munitions pour le 30-06 Springfieldaccurate .30 caliber sabot loads".

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