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Review: Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading 5th Edition

I’ll frequently receive e-mail from folks who are interested in handloading, and are looking for guidance in getting started. I always suggest they begin with a quality reloading manual that includes a good conceptual and practical description of the handloading process. For this purpose Hornady manuals are among the best…...

Feature Articles

Review: The Thompson/Center Contender Pistol : How to Tune, Time, Load, and Shoot for Accuracy

I picked up a copy of this book because I own several T/C’s and the title offered suggestion that there would be things of interest inside. What I actually found was that late term paper with lots of fillers and off topic verbosity designed to make 10 or 12 pages…...

Feature Articles

Review: Brownells Catalog Number 51 1998-1999

At a time when there seem to be fewer  quality organizations servicing  firearms related markets, Brownells stands head and  shoulders above the rest. When they say their catalog contains 26,000 accessories, that  means they stock and support 26,000 items. I can’t remember placing an order for any item  that was…...