Review: Shots At Big Game

I don’t care for most firearm and hunting related writers. The work tends to be a rehash of old stories or recitals and quotes from other, mostly dead, writers. Craig Boddington falls into neither category, and cranks out original, excellent quality, hunting and firearms information. I have never been disappointed […] [Read More]

Review: Load From A Disk for Windows v.3.0 Ballistics Software

Load From a Disk for Windows 3.0 is a significantly improved version of an already excellent ballistics program. The version 2.0 of the same program, for me, had been an indispensable safeguard during handload development, and an extremely accurate predictor of interior and exterior ballistic performance. I am sure my […] [Read More]

Review: Modern Sporting Rifle Cartridges

I purchased Modern Sporting Rifle Cartridges based upon my very positive experience with “Cartridges of the World”. These books are actually quite different in content and mission.  MSRC is dated and does not do a very good job of breaking cartridges into more typical classifications such as: modern, obsolete, wildcat, […] [Read More]

Review: Jane’s Guns Recognition Guide

When I first picked this book up, I looked at the cover and thought it may have been 3rd, possibly 4th down the list of what someone had in mind when they said, “Good things come in small packages”. The guide is approximately 4″x6″x1.5″, in a flip-through format, and the […] [Read More]

Review: Complete Reloading Guide

Reloading book contents typically age in dog years. Almost any volume, a year after it’s publication date, appears to be filled with images of obsolete equipment, touting the arrival of that new fangled smokeless powder. It is for this very reason I shy away from anything other than current guides […] [Read More]

Review: The Basics of Pistol Shooting

People speak of “The Art of the Rifle” as a valuable work because it addresses the fundamentals of the rifle and its use. This small book, published by the NRA, does much the same for pistols, only in a small volume, and at a much reduced price. I was looking […] [Read More]

Review: The Ultimate Sniper

We’ll here’s a book titled to make Democrats cry. Of course if you wanted to learn about long range shooting, what other title would you look under? The book was written as an Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers, but the detail in description and selection of long […] [Read More]

Review: The Art of the Rifle

This is my second review of “The Art of the Rifle”. The first was misplaced in archive, but this also gave be the opportunity to reappraise the book in a more detached manner, after spending more time with the contents. There are two problems with with reading books authored by […] [Read More]

Review: A Ballistic Handbook

I ran across “A Ballistic Handbook” while looking through information on the Border Barrel site, a barrel maker located in Scotland. Aside from the book, if you have the opportunity there is some very interesting information here on barrels, if the topic is of interest to you. Geoffery Kolbe is […] [Read More]

Review: The Concealed Handgun Manual

The Concealed Handgun Manual caught me by surprise. Most books purporting to be a guide to acquiring a gun for defense, or training for handgun defense become either an exercise where the author promotes his personal choice for a handgun, or a defense technique book for someone who has been […] [Read More]