Smith & Wesson Shield Plus

06/05/2022 – I have been trying to come up with an original thought, but I have not had much luck. I guess I have resigned myself to the fact I am a composite of my life’s relationships and experiences and no more capable of an original thought than I am […] [Read More]

Winchester’s Model 1886 Saddle Ring Carbine

05/29/2022 – As I get older, I spend more time working the property surrounding our home. Take today, as an example. I spent the morning cutting down some mature pear trees, a small oak and an elm tree to make way for a change in landscaping. Drought and cold resistant […] [Read More]

Browning’s SA-22 Challenge

Yesterday, the morning was spent digging up and pulling out a pear tree by its roots with the tractor’s backhoe. Deceptively large root system for a less than massive tree. Working outside feels really good, even if the result is only being muscle sore or taking a nap. Love this […] [Read More]

Marlin’s New Model 1895 Trapper

I’m itchy. Spring has sprung and the woods are emerald green. So I have been tilling compost into the garden and topping the lawn, while attracting the smallest insects that leave the biggest welts. Today, I got a break. It is drizzling now, but heavy rain is in the forecast, […] [Read More]

A TALO Exclusive Ruger GP100

05/15/2022 – Why is it TALO and not Talo? Because TALO is an acronym. No, not a giant spider. It is a wholesale buying cooperative operating in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and the first letter of each of those states is represented in TALO. As they have since 1965, TALO […] [Read More]

Smith & Wesson’s M&P 10mm Auto

05/08/2022 – Funny. You wonder why there is a picture of a tractor and I wonder why you are… wondering. My whole perspective on firearms begins with self reliance. My perspective on self reliance began with parents who believed a person should not ask others to do something they are […] [Read More]

Stoeger’s STR-9S Combat Semi-Auto Pistol

05/15/2022 – The last time my wife and I purchased a car, it was preceded by a major debate. I wanted a Ferrari 812 Superfast and Diane wanted a Ford Escape, so we compromised. We bought a Ford Escape and a Ferrari keychain. The funny thing is, it was a […] [Read More]

Supersonic – Subsonic Handloading the 7.62×39 Ruger American Ranch Part III

Prologue 04/24/2022 – From my perspective, this project was enjoyable. Handloading is one of those aspects of firearm ownership that appears to hold more narrow of an appeal with each passing year. I guess this is because of how our interests in firearms are so varied; hunting, competitive shooting, self […] [Read More]

S&W’s Model 351 PD Kit Gun

05/08/2022 – As a kid… yes, a baby goat for folks who insist upon correct word usage and/or need specificity in language, I could not figure out why anyone would want to pay full price for a “kit gun”. a gun they would have to assemble. I did not solve […] [Read More]

Supersonic – Subsonic Handloading the 7.62×39 Ruger American Ranch Part II

4/10/2022 – There is an old saying, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs” which is where Part 1 took me… lots and lots of broken eggs. The breakage began when I chose to ignore everything experience had taught me about the 7.62x39mm in pursuit of theoretical […] [Read More]