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Ruger’s Compact American Rifle Ranch – 350 Legend Part II

I like the little Ruger American Rifle Ranch, standard size or compact, and I was pretty excited about the potential of the Winchester 350 Legend cartridge. At the time of this writing, ammunition is making its way into retail channels and should be widely available well before traditional deer hunting...

Feature Articles

Ruger’s Compact American Rifle Ranch and the 350 Legend Part I

The American Rifle Ranch has proven to be an excellent bolt action platform for cartridges that might have otherwise been limited to semi-auto duty. Instead, championed by the inclusion in the American Rifle Ranch package, cartridges like the 300 Blackout, 7.62×39 and 450 Bushmaster can also serve the bolt action...


350 Legend

  Every bullet used in the data below were sized to 0.356″, with the exception of Winchester factory bullets which already measured 0.355″. Bullets 0.3575″ and 0.3580″ either prevented the Ruger’s bolt from closing… smart bolt, or they generated enough pressure to blow out primers. None of the bullets sized...