Ruger’s SP101® Match Champion™ Part II

“New On Real Guns®, “Ruger’s SP101® Match Champion™ Part II
It’s not just for fancy lads…”

“…Measuring the SP101 for handloads, cylinder length checked 1.580″. SAAMI maximum cartridge overall length specification for the 357 Magnum is 1.590″, however, the 357 Mag headspaces on its 0.060″ – 0.070″ rim, so only a maximum of 1.530″ projects into the cylinder, leaving a minimum of 0.050″ between bullet tip and cylinder face. Most of my cast bullet handloads have a cartridge overall length, still leaving a solid 0.040″ minimum clearance at the front of the cylinder. Cylinder to barrel gap on this particular revolver was a feeler gauge dragging 0.006″ and cylinder to barrel indexing passed a range rod check with flying colors..”

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