Browning's X-Bolt 2 Speed SPR Part One

06/16/2024 – I know, this week was supposed to be Part II of the Winchester Featherweight 6.8 Western series. Fortunately, I have lots of excuses. Predominately… is there a postdominately? Neither the new set of reloading dies, or factory ammunition, or brass arrived until this past Tuesday. That did not... […] [Read More]

The Winchester Model 70 Featherweight And The 6.8 Western Part I

June 9, 2024 – I was thinking, once I announced there would be only one more year of Real Guns®, I would be free to write creatively, and to focus on the things I find of interest. Apparently, I have not been under pressure by “The Man”, or an innate... […] [Read More]

Real Guns® - One More Reup. One More Year Before Retirement

I apologize for the presence of my noggin, but it seemed appropriate to mark a long winded speech. Man… I have been doing this for a long time. Real Guns® began as posts made to Usenet newsgroups in 1995, and it became a dedicated editorial section on a Usenet service... […] [Read More]

A Shotgun As The Best Deer Rifle?

06/02/2024 – I work in a horse barn, or at least scaled down horse barn. It is weathering in the middle of the woods, but otherwise well maintained. The floor is made up of long runs of finished and sealed 2″x8″ pine plank. The walls are rough sawn lumber below... […] [Read More]

Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Classic Kit Deluxe Part 3

05/26/2024 – I see the future, and it centers around the distribution of yards of compost, that are currently sitting under a tarp at the edge of the lawn, and the disposition of some carpenter ants that have arrived with bad intentions. The garden areas will receive the compost, as […] [Read More]

Editorial - A Plateful Of Life's Contradictions

05/21/2024 – So I was sitting here on a rainy Saturday, working, while singing along with Otis Redding’s Pain in My Heart. Why the blues? I was feeling the emotional pain… brother. I was being forced to listen to music on free Spotify, as Premium Spotify did not make the... […] [Read More]

The Savage 93 BRJ V 22 WRM

05/19/2024 – Another day of drizzling rain. It has been a wet spring, which has resulted in an emerald green Maine, with dense trees and foliage that line rural roads. I cannot see the road from the house. I cannot see even remnants of distant neighbors’ homes. It is easy... […] [Read More]

Wasps, Bees & Ruger's Model 77/22 22 Hornet

I like breakfast, especially since I stopped concurrently watching what is presented as national news. News is not at all an exercise in delivering useful information, but rather a tool to create animosity over counter sociopolitical philosophy. As a minimum, it grinds away at the human nervous system. In any... […] [Read More]

Hornady's Lock-N-Load Classic Kit Deluxe Part 2

05/05/2024 – Winter is gone, spring has sprung and the real work begins. Ordering fertilizer, potting soil, weed killer, and new mower blades from Amazon and Wally’s was exhausting. I am not sure how nutrients and chemicals will make it from bag to lawn, or potted plants will get repotted. […] [Read More]

Ruger's Hawkeye® FTW Hunter 6.5 PRC

04/28/2024 – Thursday and Friday were allocated to motorcycle riding classes. I owe it to myself, and the public to work at regaining and gaining proficiency, so I have signed up for a progression of rider classes. It is easy to go fast on an interstate highway or twisty mountainous... […] [Read More]