Wasps, Bees & Ruger's Model 77/22 22 Hornet

I like breakfast, especially since I stopped concurrently watching what is presented as national news. News is not at all an exercise in delivering useful information, but rather a tool to create animosity over counter sociopolitical philosophy. As a minimum, it grinds away at the human nervous system. In any... […] [Read More]

Hornady's Lock-N-Load Classic Kit Deluxe Part 2

05/05/2024 – Winter is gone, spring has sprung and the real work begins. Ordering fertilizer, potting soil, weed killer, and new mower blades from Amazon and Wally’s was exhausting. I am not sure how nutrients and chemicals will make it from bag to lawn, or potted plants will get repotted.... […] [Read More]

Ruger's Hawkeye® FTW Hunter 6.5 PRC

04/28/2024 – Thursday and Friday were allocated to motorcycle riding classes. I owe it to myself, and the public to work at regaining and gaining proficiency, so I have signed up for a progression of rider classes. It is easy to go fast on an interstate highway or twisty mountainous... […] [Read More]

Hornady's Lock-N-Load Classic Kit Deluxe Part 1

04/21/2024 – Someone, whom I greatly admired, once told me, that the cure for introversion is to think of a circumstance that would make me feel the most awkward, and jump in. So, occasionally, I do. In fact, my entire career of fifty years was predicated on a seemly endless... […] [Read More]

The Ruger GP100 .41 Special Part 2

04/14/2024 – This last snow storm, 15″-18″ two days before 50°F ambient temperatures, had a certain note of winter finality. However, the snow blower, and other equipment, will remain in place until all snow is off the ground. No, I am not being indecisive, just cautious. Like listening to Ina... […] [Read More]

Marlin's Dark Series Model 336

04/07/2024 – Yes, the storm picture is a little blurry. But then, so am I. I got up at 4:30 AM, for no particular reason… other than the incessant beeping from the computer to let me know power had gone out and the generator was running. Eventually I wandered out... […] [Read More]

Corrina Is Home

Editorial – 04/03/2024 – With a snow storm this past week, and two in the forecast for this week, today was all sunshine, clear roads and 50°F. It seemed a good day to bring Corrina home from dealer winter storage. I bought the bike at Reynolds Motorsports in Buxton, Maine.... […] [Read More]

The Ruger GP100 In .41 Special Part 1

I was planning on exchanging Skippy’s snowblower for a grapple a week ago. I am eager to get started cutting up trees that were blown over during this winter’s severe storms, and getting the range cleaned up. I also planned on picking up Corrina from the dealer’s winter storage. There […] [Read More]

75 Years Of Ruger - An American Firearm And Business Success Story

The meditation properties of rifle cleaning When I once again became aware of my surroundings, Jackson Browne’s lyrical “The Pretender” was playing through the shop’s scratchy computer speakers. Standing ankle deep in thousands of bore residue covered cleaning patches, a multitude of gun cleaning solvents and lubricating oil were open... […] [Read More]

450/400 3" Nitro Express

Warning: Bullet selections are specific, and loads are not valid with substitutions of different bullets of the same weight. Variations in bullet length will alter net case capacity, pressure and velocity. Primer selection is specific and primer types are not interchangeable. These are maximum loads in my firearms and may... […] [Read More]