Editorial - A Plateful Of Life's Contradictions

05/21/2024 – So I was sitting here on a rainy Saturday, working, while singing along with Otis Redding’s Pain in My Heart. Why the blues? I was feeling the emotional pain… brother. I was being forced to listen to music on free Spotify, as Premium Spotify did not make the... […] [Read More]

The Savage 93 BRJ V 22 WRM

05/19/2024 – Another day of drizzling rain. It has been a wet spring, which has resulted in an emerald green Maine, with dense trees and foliage that line rural roads. I cannot see the road from the house. I cannot see even remnants of distant neighbors’ homes. It is easy... […] [Read More]

Wasps, Bees & Ruger's Model 77/22 22 Hornet

I like breakfast, especially since I stopped concurrently watching what is presented as national news. News is not at all an exercise in delivering useful information, but rather a tool to create animosity over counter sociopolitical philosophy. As a minimum, it grinds away at the human nervous system. In any... […] [Read More]

Hornady's Lock-N-Load Classic Kit Deluxe Part 2

05/05/2024 – Winter is gone, spring has sprung and the real work begins. Ordering fertilizer, potting soil, weed killer, and new mower blades from Amazon and Wally’s was exhausting. I am not sure how nutrients and chemicals will make it from bag to lawn, or potted plants will get repotted.... […] [Read More]

Ruger's Hawkeye® FTW Hunter 6.5 PRC

04/28/2024 – Thursday and Friday were allocated to motorcycle riding classes. I owe it to myself, and the public to work at regaining and gaining proficiency, so I have signed up for a progression of rider classes. It is easy to go fast on an interstate highway or twisty mountainous... […] [Read More]

Hornady's Lock-N-Load Classic Kit Deluxe Part 1

04/21/2024 – Someone, whom I greatly admired, once told me, that the cure for introversion is to think of a circumstance that would make me feel the most awkward, and jump in. So, occasionally, I do. In fact, my entire career of fifty years was predicated on a seemly endless... […] [Read More]

The Ruger GP100 .41 Special Part 2

04/14/2024 – This last snow storm, 15″-18″ two days before 50°F ambient temperatures, had a certain note of winter finality. However, the snow blower, and other equipment, will remain in place until all snow is off the ground. No, I am not being indecisive, just cautious. Like listening to Ina... […] [Read More]

Marlin's Dark Series Model 336

04/07/2024 – Yes, the storm picture is a little blurry. But then, so am I. I got up at 4:30 AM, for no particular reason… other than the incessant beeping from the computer to let me know power had gone out and the generator was running. Eventually I wandered out... […] [Read More]

Corrina Is Home

Editorial – 04/03/2024 – With a snow storm this past week, and two in the forecast for this week, today was all sunshine, clear roads and 50°F. It seemed a good day to bring Corrina home from dealer winter storage. I bought the bike at Reynolds Motorsports in Buxton, Maine.... […] [Read More]

The Ruger GP100 In .41 Special Part 1

I was planning on exchanging Skippy’s snowblower for a grapple a week ago. I am eager to get started cutting up trees that were blown over during this winter’s severe storms, and getting the range cleaned up. I also planned on picking up Corrina from the dealer’s winter storage. There... […] [Read More]