17 Hornet204 Ruger22 Hornet222 Remington
223 Remington – Bolt Action Rifle223 Remington – Middle Weights22-250 Remington – 1:12″ – 1:14″ Rate of Twist220 Swift
243 Winchester240 Weatherby25-20 WCF – Less Than 30,000 PSI25-20 WCF – Bolt Action Only
257 Roberts +P25-06 Remington257 Weatherby Magnum260 Remington – Short Barrel
260 Remington264 Win Mag270 Winchester270 WSM
270 Weatherby Magnum275 Rigby280 Remington280 Ackley Improved
The Kahr Arms Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine Part 230-30 Winchester Rifle300 Blackout308 Winchester
30-06 Springfield30-06 Springfield Heavyweights300 Ruger Compact Magnum300 WSM
300 Winchester Magnum – Mid to Heavy Grain Bullets300 Weatherby300 Remington Ultra Magnum303 British
325 WSM32 Winchester Special338 Marlin ExpressRuger’s M77 Hawkeye Compact Magnum Part II
338 Winchester MagWeatherby’s Mark V Sporter 340 WM Part II338 Remington UM338 Lapua Magnum – Hunting Handloads
338-378 WM348 Winchester350 Legend357 Magnum – Rifle
35 Remington358-378 RG375 H&H375 Ruger Light Loads
375 Ruger375 Remington UM378 Weatherby Mag38-55 WCF
Ruger’s No. 1 Tropical 450/400 3″ NE Part IIWinchester’s Model 70 Safari Express – 416 Rem Mag Part 2416 Ruger416 Weatherby Magnum
The .416 Rigby CZ 550 American Safari Magnum Part II44-40 Winchester44 Remington Magnum – Rifle444 Marlin
45 Colt +PRossi’s R92 454 Casull Part II450 Bushmaster Pistol Bullet – Standard Pressure450 Bushmaster – Bolt Action Rifle Only
450 Marlin45-70 Government – Marlin 1895 & Win 188645-70 Ruger No.1 Only45-70 Government
45-70 Cast45-90 Winchester458 Winchester Magnum450 Rigby
Weatherby’s Mark V 460 Weatherby Magnum Part 2475 Linebaugh – Rifle500 S&W500 Jeffrey
6mm ARC 6mm Remington6mm Creedmoor6.5 Grendel – AR Type
6.5 Grendel – Bolt Action Only6.5×55 Swedish Modern Rifle6.5 Creedmoor – HuntingSavage’s Model 116 FCSS 6.5-284 Norma Part II
6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge6.8 Rem SPC7x57mm Mauser Short Barrel7×57 Mauser
7mm-08 Remington7mm-30 RG7mm Remington Mag7mm WSM
7mm Rem Ultra Mag7x57mm Mauser – Modern Bolt Action7.62x39mm7.62x54R Russian
The Swiss K31 Part 28x56R Mannlicher8x57mm Mauser9.3x62mm
300 AAC Blackout308 Winchester – Pistol327 Federal Magnum380 Automatic
38 Super +P357 SIG40 Smith & Wesson41 Remington Magnum
Ruger’s GP100 44 Special Part 244 Mag Revolver45 Automatic – Standard Pressure45 Automatic +P
45 Super460 Rowland45 Colt – Standard Pressure45 Colt +P
454 Casull460 S&W Magnum480 Ruger7.62x38R Nagant
9mm Luger Standard Pressure9mm Luger +P10mm Automatic
17-357 RG222 Remington223 Remington30-30 Winchester
44 Magnum45-70 Government7-30 Waters
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