Zastava's ZPAPM70 Part III... Two Years Later

02/25/2024 – The local roads are posted, so Maine spring and mud season can’t be far behind. All of my bitching about clearing snow and freezing temperatures will be replaced with my bitching about spring clean up, landscaping and maintenance work. There is always something to grouse about that doesn’t... […] [Read More]

Editorial - Non Firearm - A Factual Explanation Of Heaven And Hell

02/23/2024 – Writing is a great freedom that everyone should enjoy. A blog, a website, a piece of paper on a cluttered desk. Writing allows a person to speak without interference and without compromise, even if others assign themselves to judge. The following was written, because I think there are... […] [Read More]

Big Bear Loads For The 204 Ruger!..!!

02/18/2024 – I am so looking forward to a motorcycle run from Maine to Texas, with a few stops in between. I know, shut up already, Joe. Last time, then I will shut up until the trip. Car trips always end up a race. Get there in the fewest days... […] [Read More]

Recipes For Leftovers

02/11/2024 – The following is the article that was scheduled for this past week. I could not get it done. I still can’t get it done, but I believe there is enough useful handload information to not just toss it. The theme was putting odds and ends components to use,... […] [Read More]

Editorial - Aging, Motorcycles, Anxiety, And Long Walks On The Beach

I have been a Bob Dylan fan since his first mostly cover album in ’62. Sometimes he has made no sense at all, sometimes he offers great insight and, sometimes he can be profound. As lyrics are so open to interpretation, I give myself partial credit for those accomplishments. I... […] [Read More]

The Ruger LC Carbine Goes 45 Auto Part II

Adventures with the 45 Automatic Ruger LC Carbine o1/28/2024 – The Ruger LC Carbine has a great deal of potential, some sanctioned by Ruger, some not so much. The bolt-over-barrel blow back system is quite adaptable to ammunition, and that 16.25″ barrel is just waiting for something more than fast... […] [Read More]

The Ruger LC Carbine Goes 45 Auto Part I

01/22/2024 – Ruger’s addition of a 45 Automatic LC Carbine extends the platform’s application flexibility and utility. The 45 Auto cartridge is a proven stopper. Additionally, the LC Carbine partners well with 45 Auto handguns, 45 Auto ammunition is widely available and the 45 Auto is a natural for suppressed... […] [Read More]

Ruger's Side Folding Stock Mini-14® Tactical Part 1

01/20/2024 – Maine often has polar weather, however, now it is having a bout with bi-polar weather. For the past several weeks, we have had several storms with the same characteristics. The temperature drops into the teens overnight, accompanied by heavy snow fall. At dawn, the temp begins to rise,... […] [Read More]

The 30-30 Winchester Centerfire Rifle Part II

01/14/2024 – Maine weather is playing “Got your nose” with me. Ready for as much snow as mother nature can toss at us norther tribe dwellers, we are now getting windstorms that topple trees and snow melts that cause flooding. That’s OK. The tree fall is next winter’s firewood, and... […] [Read More]

The 30-30 Winchester Centerfire Rifle Part I

01/07/2024 – In the words of Buddy Guy, “It looks like we’re in for stormy weather”. One snow storm is due to arrive this evening, the next is forecast for a Wednesday arrival, both predicted to deliver 12″ – 18″ of snowfall. I can only hope the national weather forecast... […] [Read More]