Review: The Ultimate Sniper

We’ll here’s a book titled to make Democrats cry. Of course if you wanted to learn about long range shooting, what other title would you look under? The book was written as an Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers, but the detail in description and selection of long... […] [Read More]

Review: The Art of the Rifle

This is my second review of “The Art of the Rifle”. The first was misplaced in archive, but this also gave be the opportunity to reappraise the book in a more detached manner, after spending more time with the contents. There are two problems with with reading books authored by... […] [Read More]

Review: A Ballistic Handbook

I ran across “A Ballistic Handbook” while looking through information on the Border Barrel site, a barrel maker located in Scotland. Aside from the book, if you have the opportunity there is some very interesting information here on barrels, if the topic is of interest to you. Geoffery Kolbe is... […] [Read More]

Review: The Concealed Handgun Manual

The Concealed Handgun Manual caught me by surprise. Most books purporting to be a guide to acquiring a gun for defense, or training for handgun defense become either an exercise where the author promotes his personal choice for a handgun, or a defense technique book for someone who has been... […] [Read More]

Review: Gunsmithing at Home - Lock, Stock & Barrel

If you’re new to firearms, and you have not had a monthly intake of Shooting Times or Guns & Ammo, this book may work for you. If you’re worried about going to the gun shop, and being embarrassed by a counter cowboy when he uses a reference you’ve never heard... […] [Read More]

Review: Sporting Rifle Take Down & Reassembly Guide

Like most every other firearm enthusiast, sooner or later I find the need to disassemble a handgun or rifle for cleaning or minor maintenance, staring at the little postage stamp size booklet that is suppose to be the gun’s manual. Sometimes, as in the case of older firearms, I’ll have... […] [Read More]

Review: Action Shooting Cowboy Style

I believe authors John Taffin and Craig Boddington share a common trait; both have found a method and style of writing that conveys a great deal of detailed information, educates and holds the reader’s attention. John Taffin’s newest effort, “Action Shooting Cowboy Style”, is an excellent book for any firearms... […] [Read More]

Review: Gunsmithing: Rifles

Some time ago, I purchased and reviewed Sweeney’s Gunsmithing: Pistols and Revolvers. My general conclusion was that the book served to provide background for anyone considering securing the services of a gunsmith, but probably didn’t offer enough specifics to be truly instructional. The newer “Gunsmithing: Rifles”, on  the other hand,... […] [Read More]

Review: Hunting the Dangerous Game of Africa

Somewhere, about the age of 10 or 12, I began a life long interest in any books, pamphlets, catalogs, and any other source of printed material that dealt with the subjects of safari, dangerous game and big bore rifles. I’m sure there was some point in this pursuit when Holland... […] [Read More]

Review: Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading 5th Edition

I’ll frequently receive e-mail from folks who are interested in handloading, and are looking for guidance in getting started. I always suggest they begin with a quality reloading manual that includes a good conceptual and practical description of the handloading process. For this purpose Hornady manuals are among the best... […] [Read More]