Review: Propellant Profiles 4th Edition

I know, how do I get to sleep at night after reading these exciting titles? Actually, this is an interesting book with a lot of useful information for the handloader. A compilation of powder related articles that appeared in Handloader Magazine from 1966 – 1998, in the world of smokeless... […] [Read More]

Review: Twentieth Century Small Arms

I frequently receive e-mail from site visitors who need help identifying specific firearms, or I often find myself reading articles that reference military firearms I am not familiar with, and would like to be able to put them in some sort of historical context. So when ever I have the... […] [Read More]

Review: Cartridges of the World 9th Edition

For anyone who has not seen this series of books, they are great. The product is very professionally put together, effectively illustrated and accurate in presentation of information. The 9th edition represents more of the same. Each cartridge has a full history and description, is illustrated in black and white... […] [Read More]

Review: AGI - Custom Barreling Bolt Action Rifles, Armorer's Course

American Gunsmithing Institute of Napa California produces a great deal of firearm related training material; some aimed at the developing professional gunsmith, some for the armorer who is responsible for the general maintenance of firearms in his charge, and some for the firearm enthusiast. As training material, AGI’s “Custom Barreling”... […] [Read More]

Review: American Hunting Rifles

American Hunting Rifles is not a new book, it was published in 1995, however it is a very relevant book filled with an overabundance of useful information. I think anyone contemplating a new rifle, experienced or inexperienced enthusiast, would benefit greatly from being familiar with this book’s contents. The book... […] [Read More]

Review: Birmingham Gunmakers

Every once in a while, I’ll pick up a firearms related book that provides historical, rather than contemporary representation. In addition to providing a great deal of personal reading enjoyment, these books are nice to have around for friends who think Alec Baldwin or Spike Lee movies are something other... […] [Read More]

Review: Any Shot You Want

“Any Shot You Want” may be tough to track down, it seems to go in and out of print, and was listed with two – three week lead time when I located it on Amazon. Fortunately, the book actually shipped in two days; two days, or  three weeks it would... […] [Read More]

Review: Make It Accurate

When I first thumbed through the book, it seemed a little bizarre. Approximately two thirds of  the content has little to do with the title, and while the inside jacket write up has nothing to do with the title, it has everything to do with the actual content, and the... […] [Read More]

Review: Lyman - Cast Bullet Handbook, Third Edition

My first attempt at handloading was destined to be less than successful, I was too young, too impatient, and I rarely took the time to research a subject before jumping in with three hands and two feet and making a mess of things. Times have changed a bit, I now... […] [Read More]

Review: Shots At Big Game

I don’t care for most firearm and hunting related writers. The work tends to be a rehash of old stories or recitals and quotes from other, mostly dead, writers. Craig Boddington falls into neither category, and cranks out original, excellent quality, hunting and firearms information. I have never been disappointed... […] [Read More]