John Browning's Non Magnum Opus

10/22/2023 – Well, we moved Real Guns, in its entirety, to a new service with new dedicated servers. One big 267 gigabyte tarball that went from an Intel/CentOS 7 platform to more storage and processing power AMD/ AlmaLinux 9 platform… all shiny and new. CenOS 7 ended its development life... […] [Read More]

Woodstockers Vs Barrel Nutters

10/15/2023 – Ah yes… the gift of Fall. An opportunity to drag 20 pieces of fossil fuel burning equipment out onto the driveway to perform preventative maintenance and season prep. Some equipment will serve over the winter, others will endure the winter in an unheated storage shed. One of the... […] [Read More]

Case Head Expansion Pressure Checking

10/08/2013 – There are many techniques for detecting excessive pressure within a population of handloads. Some are ineffective, none are singularly adequate, all require a good deal of subjective interpretation. Still, everyday, handloaders find safe passage, as evidenced by the number of us that still have a full compliment of... […] [Read More]


09/30/2023 – Fall. All through the summer, I thought I had all the time in the world to get things done, so I kept procrastinating until… well here I am. Today was cutting down, and cutting up, standing dead trees, before winter turned them into a test of the roof’s... […] [Read More]

Buck Mark Vision Black/Gold Suppressor Ready - Vortex Red Dot

09/30/2023 – How to make bobcat, coyote, fox, and hawk chow I don’t cry over varmints that I eliminate. Not when guilty of the crimes of damaging structures and/or getting more out of my vegetable garden than me.Ā  Until varmints can make financial restitution, they are fair game. I like... […] [Read More]

Ruger AmericanĀ® Rifle Predator 22-250 Rem Part II

I think weird weather has been having an adverse effect on local wildlife. Five raccoons, obviously members of a local, rural gang, mugged the songbird feeder three nights in a row, turning it upside down and emptying its contents onto the lawn. I would have gone out and chased them... […] [Read More]

Ruger AmericanĀ® Rifle Predator 22-250 Rem Part I

09/17/2023 – Joe, why are we being confronted by a half rack of Saint Louis ribs in a plastic container? Well, it has been a couple of tough days, and I knew you would want me to share. Trouble arrived first in the form of a ten minute haircut. TEN... […] [Read More]

Savage's 9mm Stance

Expanding the gun business 09/10/2023 – It is good to see Savage Arms going strong with a full product lineup; rifles, shotguns and handguns, and with a good range of models within each category. Why? Because Savage, as a large scale and long term firearm manufacturer, contributes to the overall... […] [Read More]

Winchester XPR Sporter Part II

Steady rain today. Good day for Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away”. Writing tends to send me off in directions not always consistent with my personal interests. However, I recognize that there is more to the job than doing as I please. Example? Why not? I have, fundamentally, circumvented the globe of... […] [Read More]

Goodbye Columbus. Goodbye Smith & Wesson

8/29/2023 – Jack Benny was an old time comic, old in the sense of physical age and old in the sense of a long time ago. Part of his shtick was to insist on playing the violin, loudly, persistently and badly. In his personal life, his love of the violin... […] [Read More]